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Current Exhibition

The New Show: Art Exhibit by
9X9 Art Group and Friends

The group is Peter Fitzpatrick, Cecily Colbert, Larry Smith, Jeannette Williams, Christoprer Bull, Joani Murphy, Santiago Perez, Mary Dornacker and Lauri Dickinson.  The Friends are Jim Walther, Phyllis Salazar, and Joe Sackett.

The New Show will contain new work for the 2019 year.  Painted art chairs, ceramic sculpture, drawings, and paintings are among some of the artistic genres being shown.  A variety of subjects and themes, traditional and contemporary perspectives and a collaborative piece.

This show opens on Nov 8, from 5-8 pm. There is free parking during the week, mention the Art show at AAPAC.

November 8 - December 30, 2019

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