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Base Rental Fees

For-Profit Groups:                                                     $ 500.00

Non-Profit Groups:                                                    $ 450.00

State Agencies:                                                            $ 300.00

Piano Rental:                                                               $ 100.00

The base rental fee includes: the theater, lobby area, facility manager, dressing rooms, green room, Marley dance floor, available sound, projection equipment, and general stage wash lighting (up to 30 lamps, no changes). Facility rental is a continuous 12-hour block of occupancy (set-up, rehearsal, performance/s, and strike). Hourly rates apply after 12 hours and are charged at $25.00/hour.

Community Service Night - 50% of normal lease rate (e.g. dress rehearsal for production company or groups from the community admitted to the performance without charge)

Dark Days - $100.00 (when equipment and props are stored in the auditorium in-between performances)

Technical Rehearsal - 50% of base rental rate

  • AAPAC requires all outside lessees provide a Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 term general liability insurance (with New Mexico State Fair named as the additionally insured) for the duration of their stay. 
  • A copy of the insurance certificate must be provided at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  • An estimate of expenses prepared by the AAPAC Theater staff shall be signed by the lessee as part of the rental contract.
  • Annually, AAPAC reserves the right to change charges as it deems appropriate.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the AAPAC Theater.
  • AAPAC Theater has the sole right to determine who shall/shall not use the auditorium.
  • The base fee covers any 12-hour block of time; 11:59 pm is the end of the day.
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